Youth Digest – 01.28.20

Does your “To Do” list ever get so long that you feel like you will never see the end of it? And when you cross one thing off, you add two or three more things to it? That is the kind of month I have had. Things have just seemed to pick up after the New Year and they have not slowed down yet.

When life gets like this, I feel like I need a neon sign telling me so slow down and breathe. I can get so caught up with crossing things off my ever-growing list, that I  sometimes forget to put the list aside for moment and spend time with God. When this happens, one particular song gets stuck in my head on repeat. This song happens to be a Bible verse too; Psalm 46:10. This song has only 8 words, “Be still and know that I am God.” This song is such a great reminder to me when I get busy like this.

I want to encourage you this week to be conscious of slowing down, breathing, and taking time for God.


Tanya Karn