Youth Digest – 06.09.20

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of Confirming 23 eighth grade students in the shelter house at the church. This service was not what we had planned it to be when we started out this year, but it turned out so beautifully. Each student read their favorite Bible verse, we took communion together, each student was given a wooden cross from their parents, and everyone signed the roll book. Some parts of this service were new and some were familiar to past Confirmation services.

I feel like we can all learn something from this Confirmation experience. Things ended in a very strange and new way, from sharing faith expression projects via Zoom to having three socially distanced Confirmation services, but it all ended so beautifully, and better than we could have expected.

This translates to our personal lives so well! How many times have we made a plan, just to have it upended? Then, when all seems lost, things come to completion better than we could have planned or predicted ourselves. This has happened to me on multiple occasions. God often has a better plan in mind for us, and we can get too caught up in our plan to see it. I know circumstances were a little different this time, but the lesson is still the same. God has a plan, and we need to trust the HIS plan is better than ours.

So as another Confirmation year comes to an end, join me in praying for these 23 amazing students. Pray that they will seek out God’s plan for their life. Pray that they will spread the love of Jesus in this dark world. Pray that they will continue to grow and build a stronger relationship with our Lord.

Tanya Karn