Youth Digest – 06.23.20

Because Harvey was born early, he will have some “catching-up” to do for the first two to three years of his life. This means that R. H. and I work on some basic fine motor and gross motor skills with him repeatedly. Whether it be mushing mashed potatoes between our hands, rolling a ball back and forth, or playing pat-a-cake, we try many things to get to the same end goal; helping him clap his hands together on his own. This might seem like such a simple thing, but it is actually something that needs to be taught.

I realized the other day that this translates so well to our spiritual lives. The habits and practices we form as Christians are things we have to learn and practice again and again. We learn to pray, we read our Bibles, and go to church with one end goal in mind; strengthening our relationship with Christ. In the same way that Harvey will always have things to learn and will be growing for years to come, we will always have things to learn about our faith and will keep growing in that faith for years and years.

Tanya Karn