Youth Digest – 09.17.19

I wanted to take the opportunity today to share something with all of you that R. H. and I have been praying about for the past few months. About two months ago, just a few days before Harvey was able to come home from the NICU, we were told that he failed his hearing screening twice. Therefore, we were referred to an audiologist. Six weeks ago, Harvey was diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) and we were told that he might not be able to hear. We didn’t share this news very publicly because we didn’t know what to share. We left the audiologist’s office with so many questions, but no answers. We were told that we would know more as Harvey grew and we would do some more tests.

This news rocked our world. When we got home from this appointment, we climbed in bed, held each other, and cried. We just wanted our baby to hear us tell him that we loved him, and we didn’t know if that would ever happen. The next six weeks were spent praying, crying, coming to peace with hearing aids, learning a little sign language, and even more praying.

We went for a follow-up appointment this past Friday to have the same test repeated. We were hoping that maybe there would be some improvement in Harvey’s hearing because we were seeing signs of hearing: sometimes he would flinch at loud noises and once he even woke up crying to R. H.’s alarm clock. So we went to this second test with cautious optimism, not wanting to get our hopes up.

Friends, let me tell you, our sweet baby boy is the proof of the power of prayer! Not only did his hearing improve, but it 100% improved!!! Our miracle baby no longer has the ANSD diagnosis but can hear normally!! This amazing news is still a bit of a shock to us and I don’t know if I have fully come to realize the miracle that this is. We are extremely grateful to all of you who have been and continue to pray for our family. Our little boy is here and thriving because of your prayers! I have learned throughout the years that God does not always answer prayers the way we might hope or expect Him to. In one way, He already answered our prayers when we had peace and started accepting this diagnosis. But God really blew us away with complete healing! We are still trying to glean the whole lesson that God is teaching us through this, but until then, we are just praising the Lord for healing our son!


Tanya Karn