Youth Digest – 10.01.19

When I was a teenager there was a yearly call for prayer in the schools called “See You at the Pole.” This was an event that was led by a local youth pastor, but it was something that was done nationally as well. We would get to school about 20 minutes early and all gather around the flagpole, join hands, and pray. The first year I did this I was a little nervous about who I would see at the flagpole and who might see me. It can be scary sometimes to stand up in your faith to show your belief in Christ, especially in the public school. But this is something I did for all four years of high school, and I’m so glad that I did! Each year, I got a little more excited about “See You at the Pole” day and for the chance to gather with my fellow Christian friends and pray for our school, our community, and our friends.

I do not know if “See You at the Pole” is something that still happens, but I have recently heard of a new movement that I’m very excited about. It is called: National Bring Your Bible to School day. National Bring Your Bible to School day is this Thursday, October 3rd. It is a day for students to bring their Bibles to school and have an opportunity to talk about the Bible with their friends and answer questions about their faith.

I know it can be very hard to share our faith with our friends, but this is what we are called to do as followers of Christ.

I feel like this day gives us an amazing opportunity to do just that, in a very natural way. I want to encourage all of our students to take their Bibles to school with them this Thursday, be ready to answer questions about your Bible (and maybe even share your favorite Bible verse) with those who ask about it. Also, be ready to share about your faith, both the struggles and doubts that you have, as well as the ways that Christ’s love for you has impacted your life. You might not have anyone ask or even notice, but just one little conversation can plant a seed that changes a life.