Youth Digest – 10.15.19

This past weekend we had our High School Fall Retreat at a great little camp in Bellefontaine. Our weekend was centered around prayer. We learned that there are many ways to pray, from formal prayers like the Lord’s prayer, to short little prayers in our head.

One of the activities we did to help us add prayer to our everyday life, was tie-dyeing t-shirts. We talked about six different virtues that we need in our lives so that we might live like Jesus. These virtues are: joy, patience, love, wisdom, self-control, and compassion. Each of these was assigned a color and we made our shirts based on what we were asking God to help us add more of in our lives. We had a lot of fun twisting and tying our shirts and dousing them in dye, but we also did this while praying. Now, every time we wear our colorful shirts, we will have a visual reminder of that prayer and be reminded to continue praying for God to fill our lives so we can be more like Jesus.

I’d love to hear the creative ways that you pray! I want to encourage you to spend some time in prayer this week, however that may look for you. Spend some time talking to our Heavenly Father and listening to what he might be saying back to you.