Youth Digest – 10.22.19

Jesus gave us a great example of prayer in the gospel of Matthew. It is a prayer that we all know well, we say it together every Sunday morning. There have even been songs written with the words of this prayer. If you haven’t guessed which prayer I am talking about yet, let me fill you in: The Lord’s Prayer. In this prayer, Jesus not only teaches us a great prayer to recite, but He teaches us how to pray; he gives us a great tool in this prayer.

So, what would it look like if we tailored our prayer life around this great example? We recently posed this question to the high school youth and got some amazing answers, and a few really great prayers. I wanted to share one of those with you today:

Dear Lord,

You are my father in heaven, for you adopted me out of a sinful world. You love me and pull me towards you, even when I step back into this sinful world.  Your name is a light and beacon among the darkness of the sinful world. Your name brings me back to you as I follow your light in the darkness.

Help me put aside my want, my needs, and myself to better follow you; to better hear your call in my life. Likewise, fill my life with your living water and bread of life so that I won’t chase after things like money and possessions for security, value, and purpose. Forgive me for my sins; my lusts, my covets, and my prides. Forgive me so that I can extend forgiveness to others. Especially help me do this when it is really hard.

Protect me from the fears and the doubts that invade my heart. Shield me and help me grow strong in You so that I can stand against the temptations that are always around the corner in my life.

Help me remember all the amazing things that you have done in my life, in the past, so that I can go forward knowing that you are there with me, working always.


Let us follow this great example that Jesus gives in Matthew 6:9-13 this week, and pray a similar prayer.