Youth Digest – 10.29.19

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that when we are in Christ we are a new creation the old is gone and the new has come. I think that the season we are in right now is a perfect representation of this. When we have a new life in Christ the very beginning of that new life is full of joy and beauty, but we also know that we are not on an easy road as a Christ-follower. This is reflective in the landscape when fall is over and the trees are bare and the old is completely gone. But the verse doesn’t stop there. The old has to go away so that the new can come. We often think of a butterfly when we think of our lives transforming in Christ, but I love the idea of a tree. The leaves start out green, change to beautiful yellows oranges and reds before they fall off, then the tree is bare and looks as if it may be dead.

Winter covers the ground with snow and covers the tree with ice, and it looks like it is over for the tree. After being frozen how could life come from that? But when the snow melts away and the sun shines on that tree, new life is born once again. In the same way, when we have new life in Christ, we are like that tree; the old will die away, and life can sometimes not be very pretty when that happens. But we are promised that new life will come and that new life is in Christ!

This week, spend some time marveling God’s beautiful creation; look around and be reminded of the new life that we have in Christ. Take some time to thank God for that new life that we have in Him.