Youth Digest – 11.05.19

It’s hard to believe that October is over and Christmas is just around the corner. It seems that as soon as Halloween is over, and sometimes even before it’s over, Christmas decorations are in the stores and Christmas music is playing in stores or on the radio. I do love a good Christmas song and can’t wait to put up my tree, but I always try to wait until after Thanksgiving. I have nothing but love for those of you who have already put up the tree and blast the Christmas music as loud as you can stand. I know that for myself, I need to set aside some intentional time of gratitude. This season of thankfulness is so important to me!

As Christians, we are called to Christmas at all times and in all circumstances, but I love that there is a specific time of year to remind us of the importance of being thankful. So, I want to encourage you this week to get your heart in the “Thanksgiving Spirit” and give thanks to the Lord!