Youth Digest – 12.10.19

Peace might be one of the hardest aspects of the Advent season to grasp. For me, in my adult life, I’ve surrendered to the chaos and the flurry of activity that is the crescendo towards Christmas. During this busy season, I experience moments of peace when I find the perfect gift for someone or when I snuggle into bed after a long day of hard work. There is definitely a peace to be had when arriving at grandma and grandpa’s house after a long day of travel. The world outside seems so peaceful after the first snowfall of the season. These are all excellent examples of peace, but I believe Advent’s peace is meant to be so much more.

The moments of peace that we glorify during this season are, at best, fleeting. Only because I don’t think it’s the same peace that is mentioned in Luke 2:14 when the heavenly hosts reveal themselves to the shepherds. However, I do believe that we get close to this peace, catching glimpses of it because the true peace here is the peace that comes with the Kingdom of God. Thanks to Christ, and his ministry here on earth, we know that the Kingdom of God is at hand and we know that Christ, entering into this world and sacrificing himself on the cross, allows us to enter the Kingdom of God. There we will find the true peace that God intended for us from Revelation 21:4 which states that God will wipe every tear from our eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever. That is a peace that we so desperately need.

This week, join me as we challenge ourselves to share the amazing peace of God’s Kingdom with those around us. Pause and extend this peace to those who are suffering in sorrow and in pain. Don’t let the build-up of Christmas keep you from furthering God’s Kingdom here on earth.


R. H. Karn